fact based speculation

there are things i accept as truth that have zero bearing on any aspect of my life or the small chunk of this giant world i occupy

only when i pause to conceptualize them do i begin to question the veracity of the known unknown truthiness of it

then the ideas grate across my brain leaving paper thin slices of curious indignation to waft gently to the floor piling against the wall

but on a normal day these scientific inquiries long since taken from hypothesis into the realm of quantifiable simple facts

they claw across my tongue like angry crabs scuttering after the receding tide bared to the sun and wind and pink skinned monsters

they weigh heavily across my chest like bands of flexed pig iron until all i do is silently work the calculations of false narratives

i would scream but i am so very alone in bed with nothing but indecent thoughts of you and a fear of equatorial toilet rotations

a prisoner of my own fact based speculations insisting i am smart enough to register just how little i understand in the basics of life

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