random thoughts, a fool flickers

i think that

everyone should listen the ramones at least once a day they are good for the heart they are good for the soul if you don’t like the ramones i don’t think i want to know you

that they should teach murakami kafka and twain in grade school then every three years after until they can fully understand the magnitude of the words from every direction

i think that

there is no point playing any kind of games in this world despite the way we are programmed to that we should grab one another squeeze tight and kiss like we are dying the moment it ends

if you don’t do everything with every ounce of passion you need to find the thing that makes you want to pour yourself into it and never come up for air and just fucking do it now

i think that

most of you only talk about doing things because doing it requires more than you are willing to give so you shit on those that are actually doing it because you are petty and vindictive

that you poison yourself and the world around you but are too busy pointing fingers and casting dispersions when you should sit back and listen to sheena is a punk rocker really loud

i think that’s

i think you
are better
than that

even if you

i think that

when i think if her i get happy like aloe vera on my sunburnt heart a sense of calm

i think that

that i don’t want to ruin it but i am me so there is a good chance i already have and then i want to cry and have to scream that i haven’t ruined it yet and to stop fucking crying

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