casual cruelty

a part of me
cannot handle
when something
is left dangling
the need to explain
to close out tabs
to put into words
the hurt

but i have
to stay silent

my tongue is made
for words of love

goddess knows
it has spilled

too many tears
over the years
when trusted peers
projected fears
from false veneers
accounts in arrears
as the truth smears

so the silence
is my way of
protecting myself
from drowning
as you seek
to attach anchors
too many believe
comes from control

it doesn’t

it comes from
letting go

let go of me
i was always hers
i just wasn’t
ready before

it makes me
to think of
how many will
naturally assume
these words are directed
at the faulty needle
on the compass
always pointed
unable to see
the casually
inflicted cruelty
used to make
feel better

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