vapid vagrant (self portrait)

the mechanical man
trundled slowly
to the
outskirts of town
careful to remain
in the woods
away from
accidental eyes
away from
despising stares
black smoke rising
from the furnace
in his belly
driving his
steam powered heart
the treads
on his feet
slowly sinking
in the soft loam
as he watches
the happy people
make their way
the monotony
of their day

streaks of rust
run down
his weathered cheeks
from faulty valves
leaking the emotions
the hardwired
sought to quell
processors heating
in the
gelatinous swill
of chemical dependencies
the hidden soul
buried deep among
the iron wrought

yet another
modern day
born of the
indomitable will
to be more than
by becoming lesser
the miracle of life
for the cold
in metallic bonds
the softer flesh
embedded with
emotional dissonance
for the shelter
in being
just another ghost
in the machine
a vapid vagrant
in clicking gears

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