meth frog (for Shawn, the real Meth Frog)

he grew up
with just two
burning passions;
the first being
the extravaganza
of professional
and the second
a deepseated
love for
they called him
the leprechaun
as a kid
because of his
perpetual attire
in verdant hues
until he
got old enough
to take that
first taste
of crystal death,
then he was
just known
as the meth frog,
with his penchant
for leaping
from one bad
scene to another
his lips
perpetually burnt
scratching absently
and talking
about the matches.
he could have been
a champion,
but the glass pipe
counted him out
faster than
any referee
in black and white.
old meth frog
only had two
things that
mattered in
this world at all,
the squared circle
and smoking ice
one he grew up on
and one that
slowly took him away.

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