eight diagrams – bear

the sun shines
high in the sky
a butterfly
bright yellow
on soft pink petals
red and blue
dart amongst
the branches
the cold water
rushes past
white froth swirls
the wind sings
through the
chorus of sharp
green leaves
an orchestral
by the excess
the forest of
a sudden surge
of wet slapping
as the sleek
soft maroon bodies
slowly fight
the currents
streaks of
unwavering instinct
a navy seeking
a triumphant
return to the
spawning grounds
mindless need
the freedom of
launching out
of the constant
currents pushing
ever back
a blur of brown
ivory tipped
the claws of
death itself
snapping shut
the great return
cut short
as the foam
adopts a pink hue
she stands still
a belly full
of fatty meat
patiently waiting
the next parcel
of mindless
self destruction

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