final storm of spring

the rains are
as the last
tempest of spring
blows through
the texas heat
teases a return
i sit alone
as the sky cries
for the beauty
left to brown
as mistress summer
casts her
wicked gaze
towards a fool
seeking answers
to questions
washed away
by torrential
rehashings of
utter dismays

the filth runs
down the windshield
the pollen spores
once plump
with promises
ignited by
errant strikes
of crackling
purple disinterest
until the springtime
hopes have gone
the flooded sewers
to bob in fetid
waves of rancid
ashen reminders

the final storm
an end to green
a last verdant
push against
the inevitable
steady decline
transmissions from
irregular heartbeats
and satellite
broadcasts in
choked sorrows

i float on these
swollen streams
collecting bits
of yesterday’s
fevered promises
filling my pockets
with harshly harbored
frantically muttered
prayers to
the silence above
from the silence within
bemoaning the silence
between raindrops
momentary eternities
nestled in
hollow bones
in quavering declarations
that drag me
to rest among
the waterlogged
daydream of anything
more than fading away
the last storm of spring
a memory etched
in the sunbaked soil

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