deaf, mute, and clawing for more

the day is
too quiet
a miasma hangs
the silence
lingers heavy
becoming fear
of newfound

colors muted
a haze of
gray malaise
drips sullenly
down streaked
filthy glass
showcasing an
of inverted hue
in dull need

i strip my
leathery flesh
watching as
blackened blood
thick with
blowfly larva
a redundancy
in stagnation
necrotic intent
sludge forced
through weakened
arterial hell

brittle bones
shattered senses
a culmination of
succulent sorrow
finger painted
over ecstatic
incidental pain
in a mute world
lazy photonic
chained to a wall
of freshly laid
of simple truth

straining to hear
the subatomic
dissentions in
electron orbit
splitting hairs
splitting atoms
carving warnings
in irradiated
layers of dismay

screams lost in
gurgling mud
congealed runes
draped over
childhood scars
reduced to a
shadow on the
cave wall of hope

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