a ghost

he has a routine
coffee as the sun
rises with a chorus
of sparrows that
share news of the
day before a long
shower where the
water beats across
sorenesses undefined
melting down the
lump perpetually
sitting at the back
of his throat as
sorrows unrefined
tickle his battered
tender places hidden
among smile lines
from laughter feigned

he closes his eyes
lost in the waves
unable to tell the
seaweed from tendrils
of hair wrapped tight
around his toes
knowing the dead eyes
of former flames
stare at his every
move with cold dead
passing gazes in the
iron gray waters
an ocean of unshed
alligator tears and
pleas for sustenance
the slowly drowning
hungering for a hint
of the warmth gone
tepid in glacial melt
muscles cramped from
treading barely half
a nostril above surface

he has a set schedule
coffee in a kaleidoscope
of impossible scenarios
in which he didn’t
find a way to fail
as the sparrows recount
his every attempt
in mocking trills
listening for the
church bells to sound
another angel fallen
shooting stars pepper
the lightening sky
an incident of
angelic suicides as
the demonic orchestra
swells in discordant
hymnals of self abuse
fulfilling someone else’s
dreams with every
gallon of blood spilled

he lets it all wash
over his failing form
a sunbeam clutched
in spasming heartshivers
a hint of wildflowers
cascading along his
central anxious system
triggering endorphins
that calm the storms
raging in lavender flashes
spilling out a tsunami
of love schisms to
even out painfully
shuddering palpations
a showerhead of acid
etched insignificance
spraying a lifetime of
unshed tears to pit
skeletal anguishes until
nothing remains but
a roadmap from his
heart to her promise
of sinful salvations

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