the yellow diffusion
drifting in through
the cracked blinds
fills the room with
a sense of foreboding
in golden rays that seem
to only highlight the
motes of dust floating
as stagnation hangs
heavily over everything
the coffee drips
sludge to work free
the arterial blockage
static bursts play in
the lavender bursts
that rattle in bone
this gradually failing
prison perched at the
edge of oblivion as
every thoughts turns
towards finding an
ending to this pain
that seems to be just
in the beginning stages
illuminating the dark
with tangible beams of
uninvited yellow light
as the bugs scurry back
under the furniture
and he sits patiently
waiting for a moment
of trnaquility in
tempestuous turmoils
bathed in hungry light
that does nothibg but
make the emptiness all
the more realistic

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