drowning in a pool of my own manufactured angst

as i sit
listening to
sipping coffee
spacing out
trying to find
the strength
to face
a faceless
my right nostril
decides that
drowning is
the best way
to fully wake

the chalky
protein powder
in the coffee
leaves subtly
simmering auguries
the constant
drip drip drip
of sinal insanity
the echoing of
migraine hints
at today’s
self fulfilling
prophecy of
insular pain

i wince as
the sun breaks
over the apartments
trying to find
the willpower
to dress myself
to head out and
repeat the trials
of hellish
seeking answers
in the brown
to alleviate
the repetition
scraping the joy
from every
nook and cranny
in my cavernous
skull of apathy

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