americana as seen on i35 to dallas

the roadside beauty
of middle of nowhere
americana is overlain
with walmart blues
as a backdrop to the
golden arches with
billboards for debt
relief and saturated fat
hammered into dry ground
brightly colored
intrusions in the
long tamed vistas
where cowboys once roamed
traveling concrete scars
through arbuckle mountains
trenches carved through stone
with a sign for restaurants
three miles ahead
they say the stars at night
are big and bright
but due to light pollution
chances are that is an
airplane circling above
with wide eyed travelers
seeking the same sights
as anywhere else with
momentary beauty behind
fleets of black smoke
belching semis all trying
to find the one road
out of thousands that
look exactly the same
to bring them closer to home
no matter where i drive
i keep your smile in
the front of my mind
so each mile brings me
that much closer to you


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