somewhat static

i occupy my time
picking apart the
distraction pieces
falling into the
gaps between atoms
alternating charge
to suit the polarity
reeking havoc on
my tenderly awkward
spitting poisonous
clouds only to then
curse the fog in my
thoughtless indecision
tearing everything to
jagged reminders that
pierce my barefeet as
i leave a bloody trail
to wherever the winds
push my hollow dreamstatic
polluting the airwaves
with abstract declarations
unable to form the words
sinking in the back of
my quicksand demeanor
a human quagmire of
indecent reservations
my heart stapled to my
threadbarely indistinct
technicolor soulshatter
picking at the threads
that tether me to this
impossibly heavy life
falling downdowndown in
between the scattered
deficiencies baked deep
into sublime desperation

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