today marks four years at the manic word depot. 5160 poems written. a testament to madness.

i had written in the past. little sloppy short stories and poems. my friends pretended to like them and my ex told me it was a collosal waste of time. so i gave up on a foolish dream for a long time.

my intention was never to fall back into poetry or fiction. i was just going to blog about life and dating and maybe try to be humorous. life had other plans it seems.

in the four years since dipping my toe back into the world of words, i found myself after a lot of trial and error. now i am at the cusp of my fourth collection of poetry. second book with Cerberus. i have a western (if anyone had money on me writing a western, you need to be at the horse track not reading shitty poetry), a collection of shorts and a novel i hope to find a home for.

i would like to thank you for sticking with a fool that writes too much to make up for lost time. it means the world to me. this blog helped to fix me by giving me an outlet. it brought me to the one with wildflowers in her eyes, and i have forged a few friendships as well. can’t beat that.

let’s see if we can break ten thousand in the next four. the world is ours to describe and decry. it might be a dead art, but i think i love it.

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