i am made of
matter that doesn’t
seem to matter
stardust from the
least bright star
unphotogenic photons
battered and bruised
mildew in the
milky way

mummified by
interred in
a corpse in a copse
of petrified trees
a piece of trash
in the cacti needles
needlessly insignificant
indulgently bland

gas passed through
the ass of eternity
a vapid vapor
a clinging cloud
rancid oil
forming rainbows
on the surface of
a swollen sewer

sleepless somnambulist
awake walking in
a fun house maze
of distorted rejections
reflecting refractions
a non-refundable ticket
one way into the hell
inside a vacant skull

a new state of unmatter
an inate inmate
a designer straight jacket
with bedazzled sleeves
wrapped tightly into
a reclusive noose
the random lights redirected
spinning in lazy malaise
a disco ball of deflated dream


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