fingerpainting ugliness

standing beneath
this yellowed sterility
too brightly lit
in the pungency of dawn
ebon feathers swirl
lazy circles spinning
ever downward
to block the sun
in this semi-hysterical
malaise of dismay

lackadaisical hunters
resting on the jutting
ivory ribcage of
euthanized dreamslurries
swarms of biting flies
drawn to the stench
of honeyed words
gone sour with rot
every prayer unfulfilled
another maggot blindly
consuming fetid hope
as the florescents
flicker a morse code
message of giving up

seeking skintags
of beauty in this
melanoma of innocence
where daydreams and nightmares
are nothing more than
trichobezoars of agony
in mental dissonance
as the yellow pulses
along this mourning of
skull splitting ache

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