healthy and optimistic

sitting in this room
listening to wheezes
a sense of dread from
the nebulous doom
that seems to hover
over the huddled masses
yearning to be well

kafka said
he liked the americans
because they were
healthy and optimistic

i have to remind myself
this is before
high fructose corn syrup
was pumped into everything
before fast food wrappers
littered the highways
before science took
a backseat to opinion

that optimism shifted
as the dreamers lay dying
after being forcefed poisons
because the average worker
cannot afford to prioritize
health over hunger
forced to tithe to both
church and state
spearate, yet equally
cannibalistic entities
that drain free thought
leaving the shambling corpse
of a corpulent bald eagle
convulsing under golden arches

i see a land of the fearful
dying by inches with every
processed meal consumed
reading news articles
turning them on each other
home of rampant ignorance
where opinion beats fact
the loudest in the room
is treated as correct
while intelligence is mocked

there is no money in
curing the diseases
just in filling bottles
with drugs that cause more
issues than the sickness
russian nesting dolls
of pills to fight the
side effects of the pills
that hide the symptoms
of the pills that kill us
making the rich richer
and the poor compliant

trading in
health ond optimism
for hate and opinion
the melting pot
burnt beyond recognition

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