perhaps a nap and a fillbuster

the hands of the clock
worried into knots
lending an immobility
to the fractured sky

i woke
upside down
as the birds
swam across a
sea of clouds
wasps buzzing
trapped in
the screen door
as shadows
scurry beneath
the toaster

the world caught
in sublimation
in hoarse cries

a flummoxation
of verdant leaves
to let loose
the chlorophyll
despite the chill
kiss of fall
an ocean of
emerald waves
dutifully ignoring
the constant breeze
each glimmer of
gold or red
a slap to the face
of ingenuity
and perseverance

a shrill trill
caught in temporal
loop de loops
an implosion of light
seering the penumbral
collision of celestial
oddities into
stark relief


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