the wolves have masqueraded as sheep so long they domesticated themselves

hello hello good morning coffee is percolating the sun finally broke through to demystify potential storms a sign of better things to come of happier times ahead
the infusion of golden light but even the dire anger in the misplaced rejection reflected in the sloppy death threats carry the hint of faery tale endings
gingerbread houses with icing piped along the seams gumdrops festering beneath a thick black cloud of flies the buzzing too loud in a forest of sinister shadows
i skip along happily unaware of the mortal danger misinformed as to my own identity carrying a picnic basket of spoiled meat to poison the wolf that ate grandma
never spoke of the old world of the before just stared in haunted spite as her eyes grew distant and gnarled fingers worried at the stitches on her threadbare skirt

it is always darkest before dawn but the monsters don’t vanish in the rays of the new day they just saunter off to plot new hells well aware night is scant hours away once more


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