the bones of my skull
shift tectonically
my heart was sewn in
upside down and inside out
the button eyes hang
threads of flesh
hastily stitched together
a golem of dessicated remains
shambling forth from
the crypt lovingly placed
by the same gnarled hands
that put me together

the wind is cool against
my scarred patchwork chest
rustling the sinew stitching
as the pitch circulates
through dilapidated veins

cauterized tear ducts
keep the sorrow welling up
inside this gigeresque atrocity
of self inflicted torment
dragging bloodied stumps
across the white tiles
a trail of sovereign agony
a blemish a stain a monster
untethered to the living
awash in ebony light

i long to wrap my hands
tightly around your throat
a creature of nothingness
choking the life
from your predatory filth
before you can hurt another
innocent ever again


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