amateur documentarian

the ease of capturing
every single moment
sharing the most minscule
developments to an
electronically tethered
ever shrinking world
makes the most mundane
tasks carry an air
of actual accomplishment
but i think of all the
once in a lifetime events
lost to hungry maw
of time immemorial
the things worthy of
our remembrances
rather than a day to day
log to fill the emptiness
first kisses last breaths
happy birthdays and
last sorrowful goodbyes

we treat modern conveniences
much the same way
we take the ones who
should be special to us
taken for granted because
they are always there
and after they have gone
to find someone new that
will make them feel special
we log on to tell the world
how sorry for us it should be
documenting petty miseries
to fill the gaping hole


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