insatiably vain

gluttonous little
narcissistic monsters
feeling as if they
deserve everything
their plastic hearts
could ever desire
at the expense of
any true relationship
because they cannot
or will certainly not
ever see anyone else
as half as important
as they see themselves
the harder they victimize
the louder they cry
they are the true victims
they apologize because
you felt that way
not because they did
anything less than perfect
bloated and blinded by
their fathomless egos
as they happily let
their jowls flap while
expounding upon those
self perceived virtues
with dead little marbles
in place of unseeing eyes
considering people as just
stepping stones on the
path to their success

they must be the saddest
creatures to roam the planet
blaming everyone else
for every inconvenience
doing whatever they please
then pointing fingers
when things fall apart
crying about being alone
as they push everyone away
gluttonous little
narcissistic monsters
taking more and more
all while lamenting that
there doesn’t appear to be
enough for anyone else

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