caustic happenstance

i weep
into the sterile earth
rivulets of dream
to stain the entrails
of a dying orb
lost midwobble
in the malignancy
racing rampantly
through cosmic dismay

a frozen shard streaking through the indention of nothingness

rope burns encircle
the tender throat of
erstwhile complacency
puckered scars no more
than costume jewelry
bedazzling depressions

happiness is a river
of partial desperations
a catastrophe of truth
digging furrows across
a vacancy of aspirations

i hear the church bells toll over a dead city, a lopsided heart beating against the cage of bitter desires, a lonesome howl, a schismatic culmination of razors dragging against leather strop

a traumatic intensity
of toxicities
acidic denials
confidences strewn
bloody chunks of
caustic happenstance
in sublime dismissal

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