a dream of hoodies in hell

i dreamt
i lost my hoodie
in the realm
of nightmares
is pretty low
on the totem pole
of horrors

but it really
the hell
out of me

i retraced
my dreamsteps
falling deeper
into my psyche
and if you think
you have seen
some shit
it is those
places buried
so far down
rampant traumas
where my hoodie
became a
security blanket
from the memories
that keep me in
an insomnial state
for weeks

i woke hourly
only to fall
in repetition
back into this
insane fruitless quest
and when i finally
gave up on
minos and the maze
tired of running
from momotaurs
and metal hangers
stinging welts
covering every bit
of my tender
a miserable five year old
in an adult costume

i found my hoodie
over the chair
where i had left it
before foolishly
going to bed
now the coffee brews
and i cling
ever so tightly
to the moments where
i whispered my love
into the pillow
before slipping back
these small heavens
between bursts of
hells remembered

i dreamt
i lost my hoodie
what i found
was enough to
keep me awake
sipping coffee
murmuring my love
lost in birdsong
and days gone by

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