the personification
of chaos
a statistical
anomaly in which
no one can hope
to predict
which way the
fell winds of
depressive agitation
howl in any given
manic situation
a stochastic
abhorrence spitting
calmly into
the open mouth
of hopeful lies
madly skipping
backwards down a
series of one way
self destruction
shedding the scabs
of painful days
spent regurgitating
childhood regret

an off kilter
amalgamation of
faery tale dreams
cast across the
shattered refrains
of tomorrow’s
fondest tortures
the flapping wings
of butterflies
pinned to the page
of a science project
gone too far down
the path of
happy dejections
a deflection of
misshaped reflections
dysmorphic meanderings
a porcelain stain
convulsing in time
to the erratic
heartspasms as an
electrical storm
rages in tender flesh

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