winter kisses the morning

crystals hang
suspended on the
cold morning air

huddled over
a steaming cup
teeth chatter
as feeling slowly
runs pins and needles
across bare skin
pale white tinted
with a hint of blue
as the ceiling fan
wobbles to stir
fresh waves to
instigate goose
pimpled discomfort

a spider web
in hoarfrost refrain
catches the light
of the nascent sun
a dream catcher
hope glistens
around the corpse
of the curled up
caught unaware by
the arctic wave

staring into
the darkness as
amber alerts hum
across the table
no need for alarms
as the constant
agitation holds
sleep at bay

blowing frozen kisses
from azure lips
a cerulean swirl
as ice forms over
tender desires
unwilling to turn on
the heat as the embers
of passion still flare
enough to keep this
old heart beating

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