the vocal
with their
sense of self
screaming out
is an assault
upon art
the things
they deem to be
as the only
things allowed
and i watch
artists who
their vision
rather than
lose a sale

it sickens me
knowing every
word and image
will be
regardless of
the intent
if it does not
comply to this
stringent, yet
unwritten code
it shall be
decried from
the cheap seats
as an affront

as people
we disagree
and sometimes
we have some
common ground
but we never
have the right
to force a
compromise on
artistic vision
we can choose
by not supporting
the project
not by trying
to rally an
angry mob
because you
don’t like it
unless you ask
you do not have
a clue as to
the actual intent

we foster this
culture of outrage
rather than face
the actual issues
just to hear the
sound of our own
screaming into the
plethora of
echo chambers
it doesn’t matter
who is right
it is all about
who talks the loudest

shame on those
that cast dispersions
and shame on those
that cater to them
art is as dead
as your convictions

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