a set of novelty drinking cups collecting dust

we convince ourselves
our opinions are valid
when the truth is
we are forgotten
as soon as we cease
bringing value into
the momentary attention

i long to matter
to occupy a space
of importance in
someone’s mind

but i forget my own
pathetic existence
as quickly as possible
upon awakening
to sullenly greet
the new iteration
of damnation awaiting
with the fresh dawn

stripped of my voice
screaming without
punctuation or case
i am nothingness
personified in all
the ways that matter

while faux philosophers
bloviate indiscriminately
saying nothing at all
in condescending tones
reflecting an obscured
lack of self awareness
predators seeking prey
human equivalency to
a backed up toilet
spilling their particular
brand of humorless comedy
over the linoleum floor
before crawling back
from whence they slithered

i drown in silence
as they bob for apples
in the fetid cesspool
pretending they have
a valid take on art
when they are incapable
of creating anything
except misery on a world
that has forgotten who
they claim to be this time

unclever little stains
hoping to be seen as more
than the failures
reflected back from
unflinching mirrors
and the disdain of all
the victims left behind

none of us truly exist
as we can honestly reckon
clawing at brief moments
where we feel as if we
matter to someone else
and daring to dream that
our opinions are valid
then the spotlight shifts
and we are nothing once more

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