i am lost
in a melancholic
unable to stop
feeling as if
my worth carries
a lessness
people are too
polite to
fully articulate

most adoptions
in japan are of
adult men
a common practice
to keep businesses
family owned

maybe i could
be an heir
perhaps somewhere
out there
right now
there is a
mostly untalented
impoverished poet
that would like to
pass down the mantle
the briar crown
of ineptitude
and make it a real

even when
i am confused
about my place
in events
i don’t understand
it turns out
i am just
a storefront
the latest scheme
the least important
aspect in
my own life

seems to me
old punks don’t
get glorious
badass endings
instead they just
totter off
into obscurity
because they didn’t
have the good sense
to overdose young
now johnny rotten
is a fulltime
while i am pricing
trips to japan
in the hopes
of being adopted

adrift in melancholia
willing to adapt
but cursed with
an inability to
effect real change
except for my name
which has done nothing
for me thus far
invisible ink stamping
lessness in the margins
of my sum net worth

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