i have an ear
for word flow
an unmarketable
quarter talent
leaving me floudering
in the impoverished
end of the
disassmebly line
a regression of
disparate agressions
set to a backbeat
that gets all
the party people
in the mood
to flee the dancefloor

nauseatingly sincere
in the face of
half said declarations
incapable of
untangling my mind
settling for honesty
in the face of peace
because these armaments
won’t reload themselves
and the dissidents
know every word
i croon in off key
ballads of the moon
hanging cold and lifeless
waiting for the sun
to shower radiation
on my cratered face

every earnest response
falls from this jagged
scar of a mouth
personifying the defeat
hidden in the fumes
of hazel incandescence
to twitch on the
filthy concrete littered
with the pieces of me
i excised in the hope
a pound of flesh
would have been enough

dealing with
sea sickness
trying to unravel
this double helix
to cast off all of
my fatal flaws
in a desperate urge
to finally purge
the illness set
deep within
these hollow bones

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