and to all a good night

today is
transparent in
apathetic demise
filled with
angry faces
over happy slogans
embroidered by
small hands in a
cramped factory
balancing work
with manufactured
holiday joy
these slurries
pollute the
swollen rivers
where filth washes
against the median
leaving skid marks
on the melancholia
pervading the light
antlered trucks
with flashing lights
belch toxic festivity
to clog the skies
with global warming
to all and to all
rising tides

maybe i am
just an angry grinch
cursing the whoovians
as they prance around
a tree in a park
my heart shrunken
three sizes
a lump of coal
where beauty
once resided

a shuddering wretch
an anti-claus
clutching a yule log
of depressive tidings
transparent filth
in apathetic dementia
howling off key carols
in a drunken stupor
only to pass out nude
beneath the tree
careless of pine needles
in the remains of a
gingerbread dream house
where holidays are
meant to be special
not another day spent
in silence alone

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