lupine laments

i think i managed
to burn off the anxiety
that kept me from
finding peace throughout
failed attempts
at sleeping deep
enough to avoid dream

pacing back and forth
hovering on the precipice
of panicked necessity
howling into the abyss
a wounded wolf torn
between domestication
and chasing the moon
limply softy while
lancing painshivers toil
over circular taunts

the dominos aligned
one good gust sending
them to topple
a violent cascade
collapsing into controlled
chaotic hymnals
a screeching chorus of
sultry condemnations
as the ground shakes
in unbridled furiosity

perhaps a nap to calm
the molten core
in rancorous relapse
whispering earnest prayers
to the empty skies
as demons frolic
over innocuous need
driving pitchforks deep
into tender remorse

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