spring again, for now

for the third time
this year alone
spring has vanquished
winter’s embrace
yet i find myself
reviewing the ten day
forecast apprehensively
expecting another bout
of chilly petulance

the birds are watching
as i ponder the day
hopping on the rail
telling me about the
warm winds blowing through
as i shiver unexpectedly
unsure if it is lingering
chills or someone happily
tapdancing on my grave

the kids are sleeping
as the sun blinds me in
a tepid golden glare
my anxiety is raising in
direct proportion to
the light filtering over
the building to my left
i lose myself in the symphony
of disharmonious whistles

i will exist again soon
fleetingly until tonight
before solitary refinement
reasserts its dominance
in a trembling band of
the most insipid agonies
drowning in sunlight
motion sick just out of
time with earthy revolutions

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