they do now

the first time
i ever got busted
drinking in a bar
while underage
i was standing
at a table laughing
talking to a lady
when i heard one line
“they do now”
spoken into my ear
by my father
i remember turning
all the color
drained from me face
beer in my hand
lady forgotten
as i stammered back
“they know what?”
to which he replied
with a devilish grin
“how old you are”
to his surprise
and to be honest
my own as well
i finished the beer
winked at the lady
and walked out into
the neon colored night
and i barely flinched
as my dad said loudly
“he will be back
in three years”
i never saw her again
which was probably
for the best
and he drank plenty
off of that tale
so it wasn’t all bad
life is weird
the strange memories
percolating through
anxiety and pain
bittersweet recollections
whistling through
the fallen leaves
littering my hollow skull

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