he is a dodo
driven to the
brink of extinction
by a faulty
fight or flightless
chemical response
on a cellular level
there is no
true means of
eacaping himself
whom he fully
recognizes as
the source of all
his deficiencies

he keeps reading
learning intimately
anxiety can be
triggered as a
direct response to
traumas suffered
or from needs
not being met
and all he is
a swirling ball of
traumas inflicted
and needs he cannot
bring himself
to ever vocalize
as his fears grow

a flightless fool
clinging to this
matchstick dingy
in a raging tempest
aware this storm is
one in which he is
not just a passenger
but architect of as well
trying to control
his frantic breathing
as his dessicated wings
flap inconsequentially
seeking safe passage
to a harbor he questions
even truly exists

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