the pensive bench

there was
a guy
on a
bench with
a pensive
frown frozen
on his
tiny face
he kept
picking up
setting his
phone back
on his lap
deeper with
each glance
a pretty
woman walked
down the
a smile like
the noontime sun
the world
around her
he didn’t even
take notice
so preoccupied
with checking
for a message
it didn’t seem
like he was
going to receive
i watched them
from my car
wondering equally
what he was
waiting on
and what she was
smiling about
then my phone
began to ring
and he got up
and left
going the opposite
direction from
the smiling lady
and i stared
at the empty bench
talking to
a customer
about another
broken machine
that was
hours ago now
yet i wonder
if he ever
heard from
whoever it was
and if she is
still smiling
i hope so
on both counts
some days
are ugly enough
no need to
add disappointment

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