sing-along armageddon

a revolution of
transitional evolution
marching in lockstop
sipping molotov cocktails
chanting with one
thunderous silence
clinging desperately
to the undercurrent of
strange absurdities
keeping this trashfire
babylon just afloat
upon a river of filth
a palpable sense of
time tumbling to
stuttering disengagement
as plagues fill anonymous
mass graves and despots
invade in the name of
freedom and liberty
an entire economy
tanked with sanctions
watching armageddon
play out in real time
the pandemic has made it
easier to cover your
face as war has become
one of social distancing
yourself from the truth
this isn’t my first
rodeo at the doorstep
of nuclear apocalypse
i have been ducking and
covering beneath desks
as the great red bear
snarled just across the
bering strait and all
that stood between us
and standing in line
for toilet paper was
old mother reagan and
his star wars defense plan
then we made ourselves
stand in line for the same
fucking toilet paper
because of an illness that
deals with the respiratory
system and if that doesn’t
sum up humanity concisely
as we come full circle
then maybe we deserve this
latest threat of extinction

this ain’t a swan song
this is a sing-along
an anthem for
the disenfranchised
watching as the world burns
roasting marshmallows
as the next nightmare
comes stumbling drunkenly
over the horizon

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