the walk

the air is warm
the light bright
the sidewalk
cracked and broken
the edges of slabs
cutting upward
broken gray teeth
biting at the clouds
wan, wispy things
long greasy hair
leaving a smudge
grasping the horizon
the dog barks
throws itself
against the fence
snapping, snarling
a bird chirps
a staccato vibration
unseen amongst
the green fat buds
she sees me approach
a pained smile stretches
i nod politely
as the green car
viridescent in hue
shimmering to yellow
the setting sun flashes
off the side mirror
stabbing daggers
as the door to my cell
beckons just ahead
my steps falter
once caged again
in billowing silence
the world fades
the darkness beckons
and i am no more
just a collection
of half misremembered
thoughts before a
tepid hell for one

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