letting go as an act of defiance

i dont know
how long i had
sat alone
in a graveyard
clinging to
i was not aware
had passed away
the ghosts of
the good times
in spectral lines
projected over
the headstones
obscuring the
date of death

letting go
has always been
a character flaw
an inability
to just let go
until i am
in a forest of bone
the last vestige
of flesh long
turned to dust
by the time
the reality of
the situation
sinks into my
unseeing mind
those friends
have gone on to
a better place
as i scribble
odes in corpsedust
to what i hadnt
understood died
so long ago

the brain is
still conscious
for thirty seconds
after the moment
of true death
those final seconds
creeping along
in an eternity
of denial filled
clinging to
slowly fading
existence until
the darkness
overwhelms the
last beams of light
dead friendships
in pinpricks of
shimmering flame
fading away into
nothingness again

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