sorrow and joy

sorrow and joy
come over the hill
hand in hand
skipping merrily
a cloud of locusts
mauling the topiary
leaving naught
but broken branches
stretching upward
toward the vacancy
in god’s dead stare
behind them

whales decompose
creating new ecologies
next to pools of brine
small lakes settled
at the bottom of
the oceans where
sorrow and joy are
lost in the clamor
of life feeding off
the dead in a similar
synchroncity with none
of the collateral pain

the sun casts no light
on the cold truths
of chemical dejections
and ivory bones
picked clean of flesh
a sublimation of
distraught rejection
reflecting in these
shimmering pools of
thriving in the face
of life’s sweet surrender
buried in dreamsilt
and the carpaces shed
by sorrow and joy

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