feeble attempts at masonry

a point is reached
when you have
disconnected from
the world long enough
when the need
to be needed
becomes so painful
yet you’ve closed
all forms of communication
and no one is there
that you have nothing
but your thoughts
an echo chamber of
dissonance growing
louder and louder
until you can’t help
but see the problem
is you and you alone
you want to rage
but how can you muster
the self ignorance
to blame all of those
walled off by your
anxieties and depression
who might have listened
then you recall
every time you reached out
and were left alone
all the times you
put aside everything
to help someone else
and in your moment of need
your tongue froze
to the roof of your mouth
you shrugged
and said it was fine
you did this
the chemical deficiency
defining you
caused the problems
everyone else
is too self absorbed
to ask if youre okay
because they don’t really
want the answer
you’re by yourself
and at least the only one
that is hurting
is you

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