drawing stick figures in the dust of dream

an ever shifting
ambiance of amnesia
in amniotic ambrosia
delivers a dirge of
dynamic depressions
a drowning of dream
in semi geosynchronous
anemic heartshudders
beneath angry red skies
as dawn breaks the
silent wonder of night
bound tightly in silken
threads of a self spun
cocoon in souldandered
spiteful serendipities
restlessly arrested
bound and gagged by
regurgitated nothings
in a state of quantum
debilitative despairs

peeling back the flesh
to expose the horrors
lurking within a prison
of meat and gristle
the electrified filaments
wound throughout in a
tapestry of misworded
anxieties flashing signals
encoded in chemical leaks
mistranslated mental spasms
in the sounds strummed
across disharmonic cords
paralyzed by sinuous doubt

grasping at intangible
clouds of smoke as dream
dissipates into chalky dust
to feed the roaches as
they scramble from the sun
bloated brown carapaces
ever watching for a stray
speck of hope to feed
the entire colony waiting
in the hollow walls of
this leased out mortuary
of withered adorations
floating on a sea of
fetid amniotic daydreams

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