there is a part of me
that is never
quite prepared for
stepping outside
into the blast furnace
that is texas summer
you know it is going
to be hot out there
but then the door opens
it was just last week
that the mornings were
overcast and cool
the evening curled up
chilly in boxers under
a lone thin sheet
and now it is the start
of misery for months

perhaps i am bitchy
another half slept night
with too many thoughts
populating my hollow skull
as the canary in my chest
bashes itself against
my yellowed ribcage
complaining to complain
as i chew over this story
so close to complete
yet missing the logical
step to the final scene

when i close my eyes
i can see the lavender bloom
the violets sway gently
the asp curled up waiting
patiently for the bunny
to make its way to the burrow
smell the apple blossoms
as they rot in the ruts
left by wagons in the dirt
all while the flesh is
flash fried from the
too early summertime glare
i am never quite prepared for
my words whispered to
the sparrows lining the trees
eager for another tale of
her beautiful heart as i
drift along grumpily for
no good reason at all


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