good faith for bad people

for all of their bluster
neither those on the
left or the right wish
to upset the status quo
they will scream and
point fingers angrily
but if you pay attention
they do nothing else
draped in red and blue
yet only beholden to
the almighty green dollar
parroting talking points
to maintain the illusion
of affecting real change
but can you see anything
making things better
weekly school shootings
rampant inflation and
red faces decrying
the other side of the aisle
the voter’s delusion
ticking boxes to elect
new officials that
officially continue the
last regime’s agendas
with new terminology to
disguise the simple fact
the wheels of change
have been rusted still
ever since we stopped
being a nation of innovators
because the real profits
come from waging new wars
the erosion of the
middle class as futile
as the melting ice caps
permanently poisoning
the entire world for a
temporary false wealth
ignoring the fact that
the dollar hasn’t been
worth the denim hybrid
it is printed on since
lincoln allowed the
governemnt to create cash
no longer based on gold
but in good faith on an
economy that is no more
than a house of cards

when you read the histories
you realize they sold
their souls for meaningless
scraps of commissary notes
propping themselves up
on the blood and sweat of
the same people they
no longer truly represent
making corporations people
then treating them better
than they do actual humans
telling us who to blame
while they sit with those
same villains toasting
ill gotten gains while
offering thoughts and prayers
to the corpses of children
and we lap it up like the
good little lapdogs we have
been bred to behave as

i listen to fools wax on
philosophically about
how the lies they choose
to prescribe to are
far superior to the lies
the other side spouts
as i stockpile molotovs
wondering how long it is
before we rise up and burn
the entire joke to ash


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