tiger trap

the fireants
chewing through
my guts
are at war
with the spiders
in my brain
as the caterpillar
in my chest
strains against
the too tight
cocoon keeping
it trapped in
a prison of
ivory disdain
strained tissues
tear from
internal pressures
leaking poisons
across the
modified fields
where thorns pierce
the translucence
of epidermal
sorrows cast in
shivering dismay
a microcosm of
delightful agonies
creeping to
inflict these
indecent turmoils
in dirty clusters
infecting every
atom with
rancid decay
as i slide
deeper into this
cloying miasma
choking on
the right words
to break the
brittle silence
smothering myself
in my own
varied failings
inhaling pesticides
to kill off
the tender parts
craving more
of anything
to fill this
stake lined
pit in my soul


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