i cannot fathom
these words that were
scribbled in
electronic ink
being carefully
driven by needles
into another’s flesh
the idea that
these ugly scabs
the remnants of
an enforced molting
can catch the light
just the right way
that anyone could
mistake them for
beautiful permanence
is beyond my
feeble comprehension

these snapshots
of sublime miseries
captured as a way
of reminding
the universe in all
her holy disdain
that someone once
occupied this space
clawed and tore at
fabric of existence
howling inchoately
as blood poured down
every self inflicted
attempt at denial

just the idea that
the ink stained by
my shallow cries
could pollute
an entire system
spreading tendrils
to take root deep
below the surface
forever tarnishing
another’s soul
is probably the third
most absurd thing
to enter my mind
as i wait for the
coffee to percolate


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