rolling through the rose bush in search of something real

everything feels
entrenched in thorns
a million pinpricks
across newborn skin
an overdose on
electrical nonsense
saturating struggling
synapses sending
an excess voltage
to boil the
gelatinous nothing
overwhelmed and
shrieking inside
a rotting husk

every seven years
born again bearing
the same scars
having learned nothing
from the last go around
as we go around again
in rapid succession
nauseous and bleeding
tumbling against
the broken glass of
promises sundered
that line this metal
car bound to a track
we cannot fathom
faster and faster
only to die once more

all across my skull
i feel the tiny explosions
random bursts of
entropic apathies
a pathos of undulating
suicidal idealogies
in a briar crown
digging deeper until
the black tar bubbles
to scorch the wonder
from another fallen host
mealy maggots squirming
in apprehension of
another gluttonous repast
we feast on famines
while lamenting the
arduous disenchantment
inherent in life


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