Rambling down 35

The complexities of the human mind never cease to amaze me as I try to block off a panic attack while driving a hundred miles per hour down the highway and uncertainty writing a poem unable to me differentiate the tendrils of anxiety and released with a self-destructive urge to go faster and faster I’m a lightning bolt and I don’t think that’s a good thing flashing across the sky is something of beauty but up close it’s just molten plasma incinerating everything around it maybe that’s why I’m always alone would make sense You can’t bottle this All you can do is hope that it fizzles out as fast as humanly possible and does the least amount of collateral damage possible I can barely breathe so I try not to think about it the screaming panic that makes everything feel hollow I get that verge of passing out it’s still the only time I feel alive is when I push that throttle down and everything blurs around me I realize I put myself second so much that it became natural for everyone else to do the same so I have no one to blame but myself so I just barrel headfirst into some kind of flaming oblivion because I just can’t handle what’s going on in my head


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