maggots writhing in an empty waiting room

a cosmic sizzle
as the necrotic
waves of nepotism
crash against
the discontented
coercion of
calamtious convolutions
in discredited
callous causalities
rendering the bones
of gods and men
into a gelatinous
marrow septicemia
of corrosive

my back is hunched
my eyesight grown weak
from too long
surrounded by these
dead canaries
at the bottom of this
rickety mineshaft
toiling from sun up
to sun down
in a miasma of
poisonous darkness
far beneath the
skies filled with
golden hypocrisies

there is something
insidious swimming
in this vile vat
of amniotic dissonance
every diseased curse
coalescing spitefully
prepared to pounce
on nascent naivety
ingraining the scars
life itself inflicts
scrambling the strands
where the inherited
tendencies towards
self destruction
permeate the cells of
deteriorating elasticity
as we hum hymnals
to the latancy
between basic needs
and the expectation
of everything crumbling


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