two coins lighter

i woke
in a faint circle
of brackish light
as the ground
shifted around me
in confusion
i leapt to my feet
to find myself
in a rickety boat
a small brass lantern
fighting the gloom
and a lone ferryman
stood staring
in voluminous robes
of coagulated smoke
guiding the vessel
over a river of
choppy black waves

no starlight
guided our path
no words were spoken
as i sat
suffering a bout of
emotion sickness
as i tried
desperately to recall
the path that led
me to this damp boat
in the heart of
shimmering darkness
floating upon
this river of
forgotten dreams
the faint glow of
embers dancing in a
smoke tinted cage
a false salvation in
this land of the damned

i woke
two coins lighter
floating morosely
devoid of memory
the ebony waves
lapping at the weathered boards
as creatures scurried
among the great cathedral
of stalactites above
my fingers trailing
in the numbing water
as the lone spectre
silently guided us
to the shores beyond
ignoring the questions
slowly melting away
on my heavy tongue
as the slow rocking
dulls the horrors
lurking behind
hazel delusions
in the land of the dead

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